Past Schedules

When I'm stuck on a past paper question, I'm frequently frustrated by the fact that it might not be because I'm stupid, but because it's no longer taught. So I searched through the Internet Archive and dug out the past course specifications, and made a changelog. The following list shows how the exam paper of that year differs from the previous year since 2007. This is obtained purely from diff-ing the schedules provided, and may not accurately portrait what was actually taught.

Part IB

Haven't found the time to do any detailed analysis, but here are some random notes I've noted. These are not guaranteed to be correct and are very disorganized.

Part IA

I am not updating any changes from 2016 onwards, since I'm no longer doing IA, unless some kind soul emails me about the changes they have found.

Vectors and matrices

Analysis I

Differential Equations



Vector Calculus

Numbers and Sets

Dynamics and Relativity

Here are the schedules from which I derived the changelog. I do not have all of them - if you do have the missing ones, please email them to me!